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Parent Involvement



Please know that you are always welcome in your child’s classroom. Parents are encouraged to volunteer as often as possible, and are always invited to attend field trips and special classroom events. If you want to help out but can’t get to your child’s classroom, ask your teacher if there is anything you can help with from home. Your time and energy is always appreciated! We hope every parent becomes a Head Start volunteer. We rely on your support to meet our In-Kind Donation goals.

Follow the head start facebook page

The Head Start Facebook page showcases upcoming events for families to attend, as well as dates the program might be closed for holidays or staff training.

participate in Parent & Family Activities

A variety of activities are planned that provide opportunities for parents and families to get involved. Some of our favorites are:
• Family Fun Nights
• Mighty Men (see below)
• Socializations (see below)

Mighty Men

Men have a powerful and positive impact on the health and development of children. The mission of the Mighty Men program is to enrich the lives of children in SCCAP Head Start by promoting and facilitating positive male involvement in the early years. A Mighty Man is any important male figure in the child's live.

Mighty Men offers:
  • Interactive activities
  • Games
  • Hands-on projects
  • Family nights
  • Community outings
  • Leadership and advocacy
  • Support systems to strengthen positive parent/child relationships


Your child is building his/her first and most important relationship in his/her life… with you! Your child interacts by making eye contact, smiling, cooing, reaching out, and later by talking.  As you and your child participate in these groups, you can discover how your child responds to you and others. Socializations happen twice a month and are a time for you and your child to meet and play with other children.  Early Head Start staff will prepare activities and discussions to build your relationship and strengthen the bonds of your family.  A snack is always provided. 

Who attends Socializations?  Early Head Start Home Based families.   Sometimes we will invite members of the community to speak and share information with the group.  If you have other children, they are welcome to attend too! 

Where are Socializations?  Socializations will be held in various locations throughout the community.  Some places we like to meet include Head Start sites, Banneker Community Center, Monroe County Public Library, and local parks.   

Why should you come to Socializations?  Get out of the house and meet other parents.  Share what you know and learn from others.  Get more information about safety, nutrition, discipline, and other topics.  Learn that you are not alone in the challenges and joys of raising a young child.  And most importantly, strengthen your relationship with your young child.

attend Parent Workshops

We also offer FREE parent workshops throughout the year. Some of our most popular are:
• Behavior Support
• CPR and First Aid training
• Family Literacy workshops
• Job skills training

attend Parent Meetings

You will have the opportunity to meet with other parents at your site every other month. Each of these meetings will have a training topic, but also  some fun activities for your enjoyment. They provide an opportunity for parents at your site to get to know each other, discuss issues/concerns/special events/information related to your Head Start site only. You may want to discuss a special holiday activity, a field trip, fund raising for materials or playground equipment. This is an opportunity for parents to have ownership of their site and get involved in their child’s education.

make a Donation

Head Start will gladly accept donations of gently used children’s clothing and toys. You can drop them off and the main center in Bloomington, 1502 W. 15th St. or bring them to your child’s classroom.

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement is essential to the success of the Head Start program. Parents affect almost every aspect of a child's life: self-esteem, health, values, behavior, readiness for school and success in life. Because parents have so much at stake, they have a lot to offer to the Head Start program serving their children. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education by volunteering in the classrooms, participating in family activities and events, and providing valuable feedback to the program. The Council of Involved Families is a group of parents and community members that meet once a month to discuss issues and policies that affect the entire Head Start program. Parent Group meetings provide the opportunity for parents at each site to meet throughout the year to develop family connections and discuss activities and ideas for each site. For more information contact the Parent Involvement Coordinator at (812) 339-3447 ext. 330 or email

There are lots of ways for parents to get involved with the Head Start program. If you have a question about Parent Involvement or have a great idea that you’d like to share, please email The Parent Handbook also has lots of great information that can help.

Download the Early Head Start Parent Handbook
Download the Head Start Parent Handbook