Volunteering & Donations

In-Kind donations

Head Start funds come directly from the federal government. However they do not provide all the funds needed to operate the programs. They expect that 20% of the funds come from in-kind Donations. In-kind Donations are considered a “non-federal” match generated through donations of time, space or materials that the program would otherwise purchase. Volunteer time is “valued” at the rate the program would have to pay for the serves. For example, a dollar amount for a parent helping in the classroom would be assigned at a rate equal to that of the teacher. The dollar amounts for time, space and materials are totaled to reach our required match. For every dollar the program is not able to raise, the government would request a return of $4.00 from our programs funds.

Head Start will gladly accept donations of gently used children’s clothing and toys. You can drop them off and the main center, 1502 W. 15th St. or bring them to your child’s classroom. We have a free shelf at the main center where ALL families are welcome to “shop” or drop off useful items to be reused.

Volunteering and other donations are critical to the successful operation of our Head Start programs. Below are examples of ways you can help the children and our program be successful by volunteering inside or outside of the classroom setting.

Classroom Activities
Non-Classroom Activities
Home Learning for Parents
The daily activities you do with your children are very important! Home Learning activities help to connect the skills and development that teachers are working on in the classroom to your home. Reading, cooking activities, making shopping lists, and playing learning games are all activities that can count as home learning. Ask your child’s teacher for a Home Learning sheet so you can keep track of the time that you spend working on new skills and concepts with your child.


To volunteer at Head Start you must attend a volunteer orientation, along with a TB test and a criminal history check. We will help you obtain these when you sign up that you would like to volunteer.
Download the SCCAP Volunteer Registration Form

You can volunteer for as little as one hour a week or more. We are eager to make working with us a positive experience! We also have evening volunteer opportunities. (Approximately 3 hours once a month). The children who attend Head Start are 3-5 years of age and the school days and hours vary between 7 am and 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. For more information, call us at (812) 339-3447 and tell the receptionist you would like to volunteer or send an email to parent@insccap.org.