Housing Choice Opportunities

Housing Choice Vouchers assist very low-income households with safe, decent, and sanitary housing.

This program allows households to find their own rental units within U.S. Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) guidelines. The household’s rent is subsidized based on their income.

When an applicant is pulled from the wait list and determined eligible, they will receive a voucher to choose a unit to rent.  Once all inspections and contracts are signed, a client will be responsible for paying 30% of their monthly adjusted income towards their rent and utilities.  If there is no income in the household, they will be responsible for a minimum of $50 per month.  HUD will pay the difference.

Applicants must meet the income criteria of 50% area median income, which means that the household's income meets half of what HUD has determined annually as the median income for each county or region. 

Affordable Rental Housing through SCCAP

SCCAP has three rental units in the city of Bloomington, six units in Brown County, and eight units in Owen County. These units are rented to families who are at, or below, 50% of the area median income guidelines and are more affordable to families because rents are below the market rate.

Vacancies are advertised in local newspapers. For more information on whether there are any current vacancies, call (812) 339-3447 ext. 700.