Growing Opportunities

Growing Opportunities is SCCAP's family enrichment program, which provides case work and when funding is available, emergency funds and debt relief opportunities.

Growing Opportunities uses a holistic approach to serve our community members. We meet our clients where they are and assist with existing needs. We do this by connecting them with community partners, ensuring they have applied for all SCCAP services, emergency funds, and debt relief programming.

Medication and/or Medically Necessary Food Replacement

In partnership with Duke Energy, SCCAP Growing Opportunities currently has funding to support the replacement of personal or pet medication and/or medically necessary food that was destroyed and/or lost in a household misfortune. A misfortune occurs as a result of circumstances over which the household has no control such as weather-related issues or power outages. Appliance malfunction or human error is not considered a misfortune.

To qualify for a replacement, an applicant must meet income guidelines:

To apply for replacement an applicant must provide the following:
  • Completed Application for Replacement
  • Signed Affidavit
  • Release of Information
  • Photo ID
  • Documentation from a medical professional and/or photo of item to be replaced
  • Documented prescription replacement cost or receipts for medically necessary food
  • Income Documentation (provide ONE of the option listed below)
    • Categorical Eligibility (Must Provide Benefit Letter)
      • SNAP
      • State or Federal Health Insurance
      • SSI
      • TANF
      • WIC
      • Free or Reduced Lunch
      • Head Start
      • EAP
      • Housing Choice Voucher
      • Project Based Voucher
    • Without Categorical Eligibility/Proof of Income
      • 2023 Tax Return
      • 3 months' pay statement
      • Current yearly benefit/award letter from the Social Security Office

Debt Relief

We currently have funds to address alleviating medical debt, childcare arrears, past due property taxes, rental deposits, late fees, menstrual equity, and medically specific diets. To qualify, applicants must be currently employed and live or work within Bloomington's city limits. Funding decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis after the completion of an online application and an interview with a SCCAP staff member. The online application can be found by clicking the button below.


To learn more or to schedule a time to meet with a case worker please email our Growing Opportunities Manager, Errin Logsdon at