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Bridges To Somewhere: People Helping People

Safety-Net is a free, volunteer-driven community newspaper sponsored by the South Central Community Action Program that is published once every 3 months. A big "thank you" to all of you who contribute articles and make Safety-Net possible. This issue of Safety-Net features many agencies that provide much needed supportive services to our community members, as well as comments and articles from individuals who have benefited from the agencies. In addition to the feature articles, there are Special Sections, as well as an extensive Directory of Agencies and Services that provide important information about available services.

Comments from readers are most welcome. Please address them to the co-editor, Jessie Yeary, State whether you would like your comments printed in the next issue.

Recent Issues:




November - Housing Assistance, Youth Programs, Agency Guide, and Therapeutic Jail Programs
August - Jail and Re-Entry Programs, Youth Programs, and Housing Issues
May - Social Service Agencies
February - Homelessness and Housing Needs


November - Hunger and Homelessness


January - Veterans
April - Homelessness
July - Therapeutic Justice


October - Sustainability
July - Latino Programs
April - Poverty Homelessness


December - Healthcare Revisited
October - Criminal Justice
April - Homelessness
January - Youth Services


October - Healthcare
August - Housing August
April - Welcome