Councils & Committees

policy council

The Policy Council has parent representatives from each of our centers. They meet once a month and review or vote on important matters concerning Head Start.  Meet the members of the Policy Council.  If you are interested in joining the council, contact us at (812) 339-3447 ext. 332 or email

Health Services Advisory Committee

The Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) is an advisory group that brings together staff, parents, and local health care providers to talk about the planning operation and evaluation of the health services in the Head Start and Early Head Start program. By bringing together health professionals from the community we can better meet the needs of children and families in our program and identify ways we can help meet the needs of the community at large. The HSAC will:

The HSAC membership includes HS/EHS parents, local providers, HS/EHS staff and community volunteers. The group meets twice a year in April and October at the main SCCAP office in Bloomington at 1502 W. 15th Street.

Why Should you join the local HSAC?  As a Head Start parent, joining the HSAC your voice will be heard on the issues that are important to HS and EHS children in the area of health, including nutrition, medical, mental and dental care.  As local health services providers, joining our HSAC is a way of connecting with the members of your community to provide the best and most appropriate services to your clients. The HSAC provided you with a forum to communicate your views and concerns about issues that affect the services you provide. For more information, contact the Health and Nutrition Service Coordinator at (812) 339-3447, ext. 314 or email

SCCAP Board of Directors

Learn more about SCCAP's Board of Directors.

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parent involvement

Parent Involvement is essential to the success of the Head Start program. Parents affect almost every aspect of a child's life: self-esteem, health, values, behavior, readiness for school and success in life. Because parents have so much at stake, they have a lot to offer to the Head Start program serving their children. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education by volunteering in the classrooms, participating in family activities and events, and providing valuable feedback to the program.  For more information contact the Parent Involvement Coordinator at (812) 339-3447 ext. 314 or email