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Nutrition Workshops

Growing Opportunities will organize at least three nutrition workshops per year thanks to a Specialty Crop Block Grant from the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA). The goals of these workshops are to increase the knowledge of the health benefits and nutrition of herbs and leafy greens, as well as to increase the knowledge of how to cook with them. These will help to improve the health of low-income community members by increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Past Workshops:
Collard Greens Wraps, Summer 2015
Nutrition Intern Lindsey Reuter provided an interactive workshop for SCCAP Head Start families hosted at Mother Hubbard Cupboard's teaching kitchen. Participants made their own wraps out of the versatile green and learned about the health benefits of collards. Each family left the workshop with ingredients to repeat the recipe in their own home. (For collard wrap ideas like Lindsey's, look here.)
Kale Breakfast Hash, Fall 2015
Nutrition Intern Audrey (Webster) Cyr prepared a breakfast dish that utilized hearty kale for Thriving Connections Leaders and Allies at their weekly meeting. Participants ate the dish as part of the meal, and then got to learn about the health benefits of kale and other ways to use it. Many were surprised by how much they liked the unpopular green vegetable. (For the recipe, look here.)
Kale Brownies, Early Spring 2016
Nutrition Intern Kaylee Hartig prepared a treat made with hidden vegetables for Grandview Elementary's Head Start classroom. The preschoolers loved getting to help measure the ingredients and tear the kale leaves into tiny pieces. These brownies are gluten-free, dairy-free, and have a great hidden source of vitamins and fiber! (For a safe treat to bring to your child's classroom, look here.)