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How to Get Involved

Stay up to date with Growing Opportunities by liking our Facebook page and subscribing to our e-newsletter.

Volunteer with us! As a young project, we are developing volunteer roles as we learn and grow. Be on the lookout in 2016!

Intern with us! We are always accepting resumes for our Nutrition Intern and Marketing Intern positions. More information on internships is available on SCCAP's current jobs page.

"Interning with Growing Opportunities has been one of the  most rewarding opportunities I have ever been involved with. This job has given me valuable experience working with a hydroponics farm I have been able to learn more about the nutrition field, which has included participating in different projects that give me life experience related to my college major. Working with the clients and being able to help them chase after their dreams has been an honor to me. Seeing the passion they have for their work has helped me to develop a new sense of drive in the goals I hope to pursue. This program will continue to provide adults with the chance for a brighter future." - Kaylee, Nutrition Intern 2016 (pictured above)

"Prior to interning with Growing Opportunities, I had no experience working with hydroponic growing systems. The farming that I had done before was more about the soil, but when that is removed, the focus shifts to the plants and the people tending them. I love learning new skills, and it is equally rewarding to help our clients learn new skills and new levels of confidence in the greenhouse. We get to take care of plants from seed to harvest, and there is an emphasis on working together. Fifteen weeks in, the greenhouse work has definitely gotten more efficient, thanks to the cooperation learned in the context of meaningful work." - Audrey, Nutrition/Marketing Intern 2015 (pictured above)

"Interning with Growing Opportunities means being a part of a program that touches so many elements of the Bloomington community. I loved getting more involved in the local food system while learning about hydroponic growing and the inner workings of a non-profit. Each aspect of the position was very hands-on, including the cooking workshop. It was my chance to get creative and be even more interactive with nutrition education. It was an incredibly valuable work experience but an even more valuable human experience. One of my favorite aspects was seeing the class each week and getting to know them as they proved to be a true testament to the power of hard work." - Lindsey, Nutrition/Marketing Intern 2015 (pictured above)