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Hiring Practices

We offer our employees a benefits package designed to help them to grow, personally and professionally, to stay healthy, to prepare for the unexpected, to care for their families and to build a secure future.

Equal Opportunity Employer: South Central Community Action Program, Inc. (SCCAP) is an equal employment opportunity employer dedicated to a policy of nondiscrimination in employment based upon an individual’s race, color, creed, religion, age, sex, national origin, ancestry, martial status and sexual orientation, the presence of any disability, or other protected characteristics. If you feel you have been discriminated against in any way during this hiring process, please contact the Human Resources Manager, Kate Scales, at (812) 339-3447 Ext. 206.

Orientation Period: All employees are subject to a 90-day orientation period. Any personal Business Days (PBD) and Vacation Days (VD) that are accumulated during the orientation period cannot be taken until the employee successfully completes the orientation period.

Criminal History: All new employees are required to have a criminal history check. The agency will submit and pay for the criminal check.

Sex Offender Registry: All new employees are required to have a sex offender registry check.

Child Protective Services: All employees in the Head Start and Early Head Start programs are required to have a child protective services check at time of employment and annually there after.

TB Test: Pre-employment and annual TB test and/or screening are required for all employees in the Head Start and Early Head Start program at the agency’s expense.

Drug Testing: Pre-employment drug testing required at the agency’s expense. Tests will be performed at Prompt Care West on West 3rd Street in Bloomington.

Physical Exam: Pre-employment physical exam required for all employees working in the Head Start and Early Head Start program. This is at the employee’s expense. Employees  working in the Transportation Department will require additional physical exams based on Department of Transportation regulations. The additional physicals will be at the employee’s expense.

CPR & First Aide: All new employees are required to have CPR & First Aide training. Anyone not already certified can complete training at the Lindbergh Main Center at the agency’s expense during their first 60 days of employment.