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This is the latest news from SCCAP. For more information, please contact Doug Wilson, Director of Communications and Development at

SCCAP Parking Lot Expansion Completed

Fifteen new parking spots have been added to the back and side parking lots at SCCAP's Bloomington main office. This work was finished a couple of weeks ago.

During this busy season with dozens of people coming in daily to seek energy assistance, the front, back and side parking lots are now usually mostly full, but also have some spots available for clients and employees.

This is a huge improvement from the situation previously when SCCAP's parking lot were often overfilled with cars. Energy assistance clients who use the front entrance had to park their cars in every available cranny, resulting in many vehicles that were illegally parked in the lot and along the street.

With thousands of people receiving energy assistance from SCCAP each winter, this was a dangerous and inconvenient situation, especially for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Clients from various other programs - Circles® Initiative, Family Development, Head Start, Individual Development Accounts, Section 8 and Weatherization - had trouble finding parking.

SCCAP greatly appreciates the support of the Jack Hopkins Social Service Funding Committee and City Council at the City of Bloomington, which provided most of the funding for the parking lot expansion.