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Apply for Job Training Course


What is it?
We offer a tuition-free educational job training course to low-income adults with barriers to employment, especially adults with disabilities. In the course we cover four modules: hands on skills, job readiness skills, soft skill development, and job search skills. We focus on skills that are transferable to any job in any industry. Class time is spent either in the classrooms or in the greenhouse. Our greenhouse acts as a learning environment for clients to practice their job skills, gaining experience and, most importantly, confidence in their abilities. In addition, clients will receive one-on-one career counseling. To be eligible, candidates must be low-income and 18 years of age. Preference is given to unemployed candidates, however those who are underemployed may also be considered.

When is it?
There is a spring and fall class each year. This course is an intensive, 20 week curriculum with approximately 10 hours per week. Classes will be on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings. Clients will attend each scheduled class for 20 weeks. Additional hours may be required for one-on-one meetings.

How to Apply for Job Training
Print and fill out an application and submit according to directions on page 1.  Late submissions may be accepted. Space is limited, so please submit  your application early. Qualifying candidates will be invited to an interview. If not selected or if you have not been contacted by Growing Opportunities, your application will be kept on file for consideration for the next course. 

All SCCAP services are provided without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry or status as a veteran.